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Course No: 685421

Business Law - Legal Environment of Business


  • Credits: 12.0
  • Program level: Overview
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Advance preparation::

Field of Study: Business Law

Course Description

The major purpose of Business Law: The Legal Environment of Business is to provide you with a concise summary of the major legal principles affecting business people and business transactions. It provides a quick, yet comprehensive, review of this vital and wide-ranging area of the law. You will be able to analyze business decisions from a legal responsibility perspective.

Learning objectives

  • a:7:{i:0;s:36:"Recognize the basic concepts of law.";i:1;s:60:"Recognize elements of the court system in the United States.";i:2;s:60:"Recognize elements of the court system in the United States.";i:3;s:59:"Identify different characteristics of contracts and offers.";i:4;s:40:"Recognize the valid use of e-signatures.";i:5;s:56:"Recognize the conditions of an acceptance of a contract.";i:6;s:35:"Understand the definition of fraud.";}
  • a:9:{i:0;s:56:"Recognize the conditions of an acceptance of a contract.";i:1;s:35:"Understand the definition of fraud.";i:2;s:35:"Understand the definition of fraud.";i:3;s:51:"Recognize the definition of the capacity of parties";i:4;s:44:"Identify situations that produce illegality.";i:5;s:51:"Recognize the obligations in a collateral contract.";i:6;s:41:"Identify terms of assignor�s liability.";i:7;s:41:"Identify the conditions of a performance.";i:8;s:43:"Recognize examples of damages and remedies.";}
  • a:7:{i:0;s:52:"Recognize the process of creation of a relationship.";i:1;s:75:"Identify the relation of principal to agent and an agent to a third person.";i:2;s:46:"Identify the characteristics of a partnership.";i:3;s:56:"Recognize the process of dissolution of the partnership.";i:4;s:54:"Identify the purpose of the articles of incorporation.";i:5;s:55:"Recognize different entities that may be a corporation.";i:6;s:52:"Recognize operational requirements of a corporation.";}
  • a:5:{i:0;s:41:"Recognize laws used to protect investors.";i:1;s:52:"Recognize characteristics of shareholder�s rights.";i:2;s:58:"Identify aspects of ownership rights of personal property.";i:3;s:43:"Recognize characteristics of real property.";i:4;s:57:"Identify the attributes of co-ownership of real property.";}
  • a:6:{i:0;s:48:"Recognize the conditions required for formation.";i:1;s:67:"Understand some of the nuances in the process of obtaining a title.";i:2;s:52:"Identify attributes of the liability for negligence.";i:3;s:50:"Recognize some rules concerning product liability.";i:4;s:47:"Recognize rules of the Uniform Commercial Code.";i:5;s:44:"Identify the requirements for negotiability.";}
  • a:4:{i:0;s:63:"Recognize some types of endorsements used during a negotiation.";i:1;s:74:"Recognize the liability of parties with regards to negotiable instruments.";i:2;s:51:"Recognize some security interests in real property.";i:3;s:29:"Identify types of bankruptcy.";}
  • a:5:{i:0;s:52:"Identify general areas of protection within the law.";i:1;s:57:"Recognize definitions and examples of the antitrust laws.";i:2;s:48:"Recognize the purpose of employment legislation.";i:3;s:99:"Identify purposes of enacting workers� compensation statutes and characteristics under Title VII.";i:4;s:42:"Identify the scope and provisions of OSHA.";}

Course Material: Online Material

Type of delivery method: QAS Self-study

Final examination expiration date:

The program participant will have one year from the date of purchase to complete the course and final examination.

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