Course Information

Course No:  413620

Course Name:  Managing and Improving Your Cash Flow

Field of Study:    Management Services

Course Description:  

Cash is the lifeblood of a business. Sound cash management is the key to the survival of any business. You can go broke even while making a profit. Profit is generally measured on an accrual basis in accounting. This course alerts you to the difference between profit and cash flow and teaches you the tools and techniques that allow you to effectively increase and manage your cash flow.

Learning objectives: After completing this section, you should be able to:

  • Recognize cash flow and factors that affect cash flow.
  • Identify cash management objectives and decisions.
  • Identify the difference between accounting profits and other profits.
  • Recognize how to compute and analyze cash liquidity.
  • Identify the cash utilization options.
  • Identify factors of the cash flow cycle.
  • Recognize the items recorded within a statement of cash flows.
  • Identify components of a cash budget.
  • Recognize cash expenses vs non-cash expenses.
  • Recognize items used for internal control and audit procedures.
  • Recognize the benefits of cash forecasting and cash flow differences.
  • Identify traits of a well-managed accounts payable system.
  • Recognize the warning signs of accounts payables.
  • Recognize cash acceleration strategies.
  • Identify methods to delay cash payments for purchases, expenses, and payroll.
  • Identify collection problems.
  • Recognize the process for a bank reconciliation and the use of float.
  • Identify some methods used for transferring funds and accelerating cash inflow.
  • Recognize ways to select between financing options.
  • Identify ways to help with financing cash requirements for the business.
  • Recognize the five C�s of credit and the criteria used by bankers for lending.
  • Identify the benefits of Zero-Balance Accounts (ZBAs).

Course Material: Online Material

Program level: Overview

Prerequisites: Basic Math and Accounting

Advance preparation: None

Type of delivery method: QAS Self-study

Recommended CPE credits:   7.0

Final examination expiration date:   The program participant will have one year from the date of purchase to complete the course and final examination.